Samstag, 22. März 2014

Motorola V3i Pay As You Go Puts Forward Commendable Options

Motorola V3i is a successor of RAZR V3 and comprise of some of the features that were missing earlier. It has created a stir in the market, with its grand entry. The device offers you innumerable advanced features along with the stunning looks. One of the perennial problems among the mobile phone uses is their high mobile phone bills. To sort out the problem, many mobile phone manufacturers have come up with handsets along with pay as you go deals. These deals can prove to be extremely beneficial in bringing down your bill to a considerable extent. Let us find out what all can Motorola V3i offer you and how can you make use of pay as you go deal.

The Motorola V3i is an ultra-thin phone with clamshell design. This flip handset is just a pleasure to hold with thin number pad and even thinner screen. As far as, its physical dimensions are concerned, it is a bit wider to hold. The outer casing has lustre of pinky-purple shade, with the screen measuring 19 by 16 mm. In order to receive the calls, you have to open the clamshell, but you can make out the caller through front screen. For ending the call, all you need to do is just shut the clam. It enables you with video recording.

The large screen with 262K vibrant colours directs the lid screen. The displays keep the old specifications. The Motorola V3i is the second in the row to include iTunes music software. You can have at most 100 iTunes in it. For that purpose, you can make use of Java-based player. The navigation key can be used to move amid tracks. As the device is quad-band, therefore you can make use of it on your international tours.

The Motorola V3i offers a camera with 1.2 megapixels, you can use its front screen for self portrait, as well. You will have about 12 MB as memory with this device, which is expandable with microSD card slot. The card is placed under the battery cover. There is no need to remove the battery in order to change it. The volume and call quality are awesome. For music lovers the device speaker does extremely well. The Motorola V3i along with the cost effective pay as you go deals proves very helpful in managing your monthly bills. Search widely through online sources and find the best deals for you.

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